Обложка книги The Prudence of Mr. Gordon Brown

The Prudence of Mr. Gordon Brown

ISBN: 0470092947; 9780470092941;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Book DescriptionA compelling book that examines Gordon Brown's rise to power, his years as Chancellor, and his dramatic decision to give the Bank of England independence "An essential read for anyone who wants to properly understand political and economic policy developments over the past 15 years and enjoy some good insights about the future." Neil Kinnock, Vice President of the European Commission and former leader of the Labour Party. "For twenty years one of the most sceptical and authoritative voices on economic affairs in the British press." Robert Harris, best selling author. "A splendidly vivid account of the background, outlook and record of the most powerful Chancellor of modern times." Anthony Howard, biographer and political commentator. The economic policy of new Labour has been fundamental to its success. Gordon Brown has been at the very heart of new Labour's economic policy since the late 1980s and has...