Обложка книги Restoring Trust in American Business

Restoring Trust in American Business

ISBN: 0262240483; 9780262240482;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionRecent business scandals point to a disturbing breakdown of values in corporate America. This book responds to the crisis by examining the responsibilities of "gatekeepers" -- corporate directors, regulators, auditors, lawyers, investmentbankers, and business journalists -- who stand between corporate misconduct and the public. The essays, by prominent scholars and practitioners, argue that market pressures have made gatekeepers too focused on financial self-interest and too heedless of the public good to live up to society's legitimate expectations. A key part of the book is a set of recommendations for enhancing gatekeeper professionalism. These range from specific steps for improving boards of directors to a call for the investment banking community to establish a uniform code of conduct and articulate its obligations to the investing public. This book grew out of the Corporate Responsibility Project undertaken by the American Academy of Arts and...