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Thom Hartmann

ADHD Secrets of Success: Coaching Yourself to Fulfillment in the Business World

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ISBN: 1590790170
Издательство: Select Books
DISCOVER A SUCCESSFUL YOU! An estimated 20 million Americans have ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), many of whom are intelligent, creative, and intuitive ? with exceptional leadership potential. This new book, ADHD SECRETS OF SUCCESS will help ADHDers understand and overcome the symptoms of their condition that may hold them back, and take advantage of the traits marking them for success. Thom Hartmann shows ADHDers how to: *Choose an appropriate profession and a rewarding work situation *Use practical techniques for overcoming forgetfulness, reaching goals, and countering procrastination *Harness ADHD symptoms to inspire new ways of problem solving This is an updated version of Hartmann's 1994 book "Focus Your Energy: Hunting for success in business with ADD, " a revolutionary book that helped thousands of adults world-wide discover how to find success in their business ventures and personal world.