Обложка книги Attitude: Your More Priceless Possession (50 Minute Books)

Attitude: Your More Priceless Possession (50 Minute Books)

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ISBN: 1560526645;
Издательство: Crisp/Course Technology

Polish people skills, energize your outlook, and retain a healthy perspective. This course will help you stay positive and focused in today?s busy, pressure-filled world. Recognize how attitude affects your work. Use the eight attitude-adjustment techniques. Spread the magic of a positive attitude. Defines attitude, to show its importance and effect on personality and work performance, and to explain how to keep it positive. Presents specific techniques for retaining and recapturing a positive attitude. Shows the effect of a positive attitude on the work environment, especially its effect on workforce diversity, career success, and teamwork. Explains how to protect a positive attitude. Prompts you to prepare an Action Plan that incorporates the ideas, concepts, and techniques presented in this book into your daily life.