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Rolf Osterberg

Corporate Renaissance: Business as an Adventure in Human Development

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ISBN: 1931044546
Издательство: Paraview Special Editions
In this radical book on business and work, Swedish businessman Rolf Osterberg argues that businesses have their priorities all wrong. Paradoxically, corporations also -- more than any other institution -- have the potential to act as an agent of change toward a human-oriented world. The solution lies in the ongoing fundamental shift in our way of thinking -- of our perception of the world, life, the human being, and meaning. This is Osterberg's "new thought." In "Corporate Renaissance," Osterberg explores: How the creativity of its employees -- not capital -- is a company's greatest asset Why employee-owned companies are the model for the future Why hierarchies prevent problem-solving How profit-taking can doom a company Why setting goals, without an underlying vision, is destructive