Обложка книги Enhancing Your Business Value...the Climb to the Top

Enhancing Your Business Value...the Climb to the Top

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ISBN: 0971701334;
Издательство: Capital Stratetgies, Inc.

Growth is an ongoing process that occurs in many facets of our lives. There are so many individual factors that go into creating, increasing, and sustaining business value it virtually impossible to list them all. Determining how to prioritize your business efforts is an even greater challenge. The first step is accepting there are always two groups of influences impacting your organization ? external and internal. External factors include such items as overall economy, labor and raw material supply, political climate, industry cycle, marketplace, and interest rates. Considerable time should be spent understanding and "managing" the impact of these external factors; however, it is beyond the scope of this book to address them extensively. Our energy will be spent addressing the internal factors the areas you can change. This book encourages you to take a top-down view in your strategic planning as you strive to gain maximum benefit from the internal factors. There...