Обложка книги Enlightened Office Politics

Enlightened Office Politics


ISBN: 0814470653;
Издательство: American Management Association

All too often, Machiavellian managers ruthlessly use office politics to get what they want...and they make good employees feel it's bad to be political. But it doesn't have to be that way! ENLIGHTENED OFFICE POLITICS takes a positive look at the political side of the workplace, explaining why office politics are inevitable, emphasizing their importance, and showing how to play them--and win--in an ethical, principled manner. Readers will learn how to: * Overcome negative attitudes toward office politics and view them as a force for good * Determine whether a coworker is friend or foe * Turn foes into friends * Discover what motivates others * Develop their own political skills and use them in appropriate, powerful ways * Plan and execute an effective "political campaign"--and more. In the world of office politics, it's play or be played. ENLIGHTENED OFFICE POLITICS proves it's possible to play to win--and still keep a clear conscience.

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