Обложка книги Feng Shui for Business & Office

Feng Shui for Business & Office


ISBN: 1894622243;
Издательство: Warwick Publishing

Many business owners and managers would scoff at the suggestion that the positioning of a desk can effect the productivity and success of the person using it. Not so, according to Dr. Jes Lim: `During almost 30 years as a consultant to thousands of businesses, I have found that unprofitable companies have poor working environments, and that specific Feng Shui measures have helped many of them make a profit again.` Covering everything from the best location and sitting position for conducting detailed negotiations, the best approaches to company image, name and logo, and the best operational structures for human resources, Feng Shui for Office and Business is a new and intriguing approach to business set-up and ongoing management (and, ironically, one that is based on an ancient science).