Обложка книги Fight Back! at Work

Fight Back! at Work


ISBN: 0440506360;
Издательство: Dell Publishing Company

We're trapped in an economic environment where the price for national recovery is fewer jobs, lower pay, and radical belt-tightening for most. Learn your rights as a job applicant, worker or former worker in the toughest job market in years. Famed TV commentator and award-winning consumer activist David Horowitz and legal rights specialist Dana Shilling give you all the information you need in the book that shows you how to fight back and take control - starting today! How to compete in the changing workplace; what to expect, how to use the interview to your own best advantage; know your rights provided by federal law: wages, overtime, all forms of discrimination, civil rights, work-family issues, sexual harassment, COBRA coverage, unemployment insurance, and more; your right to organize: unions and labor law; your legal options if your employer cuts back or eliminates medical benefits; and pension protection and portability: protect your assets by learning your rights.