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Alan L. Sklover

Fired, Down-Sized, or Laid-Off: What Your Employer Doesn't Want You to Know About How to Fight Back

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ISBN: 0805060847
Издательство: Owl Books (NY)
All the legal facts, negotiating strategies, and coping tips anyone just dismissed from a job needs from an expert on employment law. Job security has disappeared. Even in good times, people get the pink slip whenever cutting staff appears to be in the best interest of the company or those who run it. These days, everyone must be prepared to negotiate severance almost instantly. Alan Sklover, an attorney with over a decade of experience handling severance negotiation for employees, providesan insider's guide to the best approaches to getting a favorable settlement. With its wealth of information, easy-to-read style, and short chapter format, Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off will become the standard text for anyone who wants to know: oWhat do standard severance packages include? o Tips to keep self-esteem high and stress low through severance negotiations o How to customize a severance package o When to hire an attorney and how to use their services wisely...