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Chris Kozakis

Firing Fido! How Radically Redefining Loyalty Unleashes True Leadership in Everyone's Work and Life

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ISBN: 1412005655
Издательство: Not Avail
Do you crave more freedom, fun and fulfillment in your work and life? Then start by picking up the groundbreaking book Firing Fido! This book solves the #1* leadership problem in America according to Fortune magazine ? conflict management ? and provides a revolutionary approach to conflict which removes the obstacles that block success. It addresses what people struggle with the most ? confronting others and themselves in a healthy way. Does confrontation make you 'tense up'? Want to escape your trap? Want to learn how to take the fear out of confronting an underperforming subordinate? Well, it's Chris 'The Conflict Master' Kozakis to the rescue! What exactly is a 'Fido'? Kozakis defines 'Fido' as overloyalty ormisplaced loyalty to a person, belief or habit. This lopsided loyalty causes performance and satisfaction to suffer. It gets in our way of getting what we need in our careers and lives, and it can happen to anyone at any level of an...