Обложка книги Forced Labor: What's Wrong with Balancing Work and Family

Forced Labor: What's Wrong with Balancing Work and Family

ISBN: 1890626325;
Издательство: Spence Publishing Company

The last thing parents should do is try to ?balance? work and family. A revolutionary shift of time and attention from home to the workplace has left the family on the ropes. Researcher Brian Robertson shows how a potent combination of ideology, government policy, and corporate coercion has driven parents from home?and how they can find their way back. Confronting the overwhelming evidence that children suffer when their mothers leave them for the workplace, Mr. Robertson asks why it has nevertheless become the norm for mothers to work. The power of feminism seems the obvious answer, but until the 1960s, the women?s movement zealously fought against mothers? being forced to abandon their homes for wages. The real answer, Mr.Robertson reveals, is the transformation of the way we think about work itself. What we once undertook to support our families we now pursue as a means of self-fulfillment. Along with this new view of work have come coercive new...