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Deke McClelland

Adobe(R) Master Class: Design Invitational

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ISBN: 0201775980
Издательство: Adobe Press
Год издания: 2001
Страниц: 240
In June 2001, Adobe Systems, Inc., invited a handful of leading graphicartists to the Adobe campus for two days of fun and inspiration. Theirassignment? To create original pieces of print, Web, and video artworkshowcasing Adobe products. Adobe Master Class: Design Invitational documents the artistic fruit of their labor and the nuts-and-bolts techniques that went into each design. Author Deke McClelland recognizes that great design is not abouttools, but about ideas and the talent to execute them. Throughout the book,Deke--a leading writer in the graphics community--reveals the actualthought processes of the designers as they work. Both inspiring and informative, Adobe Master Class: Design Invitational features galleries of each artist's work, along with practical, professional advice and tips. Contributing artists include Craig Frazier, Louis Fishauf, Michael Elins,...
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