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Don Aslett

How to Be # One With Your Boss: How to Keep Your Job Longer and Enjoy It More

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ISBN: 0937750034
Издательство: Marsh Creek Press
How to be #1 With Your Boss Everyone wants to get the best job. Yet few are schooled, trained or even told what they must do to keep the boss happy. If the boss likes you he/she will promote, raise, assign, and treat you to the best. Here are all the little things to do and not do to keep and make your job the best ever. Don has employed over 44,000 people and shares his front line experience. At last, a boss has been willing to speak out, to bypass all the bushbeating and explain, clearly and plainly, what any boss expects of you. All in all, an infallible formula for keeping those paychecks coming. 112 pages; Illustrated.