Обложка книги How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

ISBN: 1588720772;
Издательство: Jodere Group

According to common wisdom, Marilyn Tam didn't thave the advantages needed to get ahead in the world. English was her second language, she suffered abuse and lack of support from her family, had no connections, and began a career in the male-dominated business world. But Marilyn discovered that her "disadvantages" provided her with the strength to creat the career and life she always dreamed of. Not only has Marilyn achieved phenomenal success in business, holding executive roles at companies such as Aveda, Reebok, and Nike, but she has also pursued her dream of helping others by founding a non-profit organization. How did she beat the odds? In How To Use What You've Got To Get What You Want, Marilyn Tam shares the philosophy that has taken her to the pinnacle of personal and professional success. In her work and life, Marilyn lives by four simple principles: tell the truth all the time (it's easier), make others your partner in your success (work from common ground), make big...