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John Eckblad, David Kiel

If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest In It?: The 13-Step Program for Managing Your Life Like the Best CEO's Manage Their Companies

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ISBN: 0071410392
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
How to run your life like a successful business and find true fulfillment Through their popular Life Business Program workshops and seminars, John Eckblad and David Kiel have helped thousands of individuals across the United States and Europe get their lives on track using triedand- true strategies borrowed from the world of business. In this book, they describe their original 13-step Life Business principles and techniques for renewing, refocusing, reforming, and remaking any life. Their basic philosophy is simple: we can learn much about how to live happier, more fulfilling and productive lives by following the examples of successful businesses. Combining the best features of self-help, personal finance, and business strategy,this book shows readers how to: Identify what they really want from life Develop a clear plan for achieving goals Secure the financing needed to make dreams come true Structured around the annual...