Обложка книги Excel Data Analysis for Dummies

Excel Data Analysis for Dummies

ISBN: 0764516612; 9780764516610;
Издательство: For Dummies; 1st edition
Страниц: 384

So here’s a funny deal: You know how to use Excel. You know how to create simple workbooks. And how to print stuff. And you can even, with just a little bit of fiddling, create cool-looking charts. But sometimes you wish that you could do more withExcel, such as how to use Excel to really gain insights into information, the data, that you work with in your job. Using Excel for this kind of stuff is what Excel Data Analysis For Dummies is all about. This is a book that assumes that you want to use Excel to learn new stuff, discover new secrets, and gain new insights into the information you’re already working with in Excel. Ready to take Excel to the next level? This plain-English guide covers all of these concepts, and more, to ensure that you’re using Excel to its fullest capacity: Harnessing information in lists. Querying external databases and Web pages tables. Cleaning data with text functions. ...

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