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Deborah A. King

Learning to Live with Downsizing: Seven Powerful Lessons for Building a Bridge to Tomorrow

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ISBN: 0965493202
Издательство: EMI Publishing
Have you "survived" a company reorganization or downsizing? Do you know a friend nervous about the changes occurring at work that no one wants to talk about? Have you heard from a relative stressed about what the future holds for them and their family if they lose their job as a result of a recent merger? Are you a business executive struggling for a way to cut costs and positions while still valuing respect and individual dignity? If you answer yes to any of these questions the new entertaining and insightful business novel, Learning To Live With Downsizing by Deborah A. King, SPHR (EMI Publishing) is a "must read". This easy-to-follow presentation of seven powerful lessons for adapting to the changing business environment is a welcome change from the traditional academic approaches which are often difficult for busy employees to digest and integrate into practice. Learning To Live With Downsizing through an unexpected cyberspace journey, gives hope on how...