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A. A. Cantor

Lights, Cubicle, Action! 100+ Directives for Survival in Corporate America

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ISBN: 0970872801
Издательство: Pathway Book Service
Lights! is the first in a series of three books shining truth on life?s fiction. The book captures the essence of corporate reality with a humorous yet insightful display of original business "anti-quotes." Lights, Cubicle, Action! is a cutting edge work that propels readers past the typical motivational hype and hoopla. No other self-help/business book would boldly state, "People who work really really hard are often viewed as underachievers." or "The more you say 'no' the more others will do for you." The quotes delve into every area of business: job satisfaction, money, processes, excellence, power, ideas, and success, and leave no corporate stone unturned. Each quote is accompanied by an entertaining paragraph that drives the point of the quote home for the reader. Lights! strips the gloss off of life?s ideologies and entertains the reader with a truth so often thought but rarely discussed. The "anti-quotes" in Lights! are biting, sticky, and dead-on...