Обложка книги Making Horses Drink: How to Lead & Succeed in Business

Making Horses Drink: How to Lead & Succeed in Business

ISBN: 1891984500;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Business & Investing Distributed Product

Today, business success demands sustained peak performance- and that requires self-motivated, enthusiastic employees. How can you keep your team consistently at the top of their game? This powerful book begins with fresh insights from a fable about a horse and a boy who must manage it in order to save his family's farm. From the boy's story and the hundreds of real-world ideas that follow, you will discover how to harness your employees' talents to achieve breakaway success. You'll learn: Helpful tips and techniques to unleash your employees' innate drive to succeed- and harness their passion to achieve your organization's goals Strategies successful leaders use to replace old "command-and-control" management styles with more effective communication methods Common mistakes in dealing with employees that can lead to legal liability- and advice from Jackson Lewis, a leading employment law firm, on how to avoid these pitfalls Secrets to managing stress...