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Anthony Johnson

Maximum Effectiveness: Your Guide to Maximum Success in Sales, Marketing, Management, Client Satisfaction, Personal Effectiveness

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ISBN: 0595198317
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Tough times call for top talent, and there is always room at the top for the best! Maximum Effectiveness: Your Guide to Maximum Success in Sales, Management, Customer Service, Marketing and Personal Achievement, is a must own for anyone looking to radically increase critical business and life skills. Maximum Effectiveness is an easy to read, dynamic guide that outlines seventy-five powerful suggestions for better personal and professional living. Some of the topics this guide to success outlines include: A· How to develop selling skills that will increase your income and professional achievements. A· How to brand and position your company for maximum market growth and increased revenue. A· How to practice true client satisfaction that will separate you from your competition by quantum leaps. A· How to truly live and appreciate the great fortunes we have in our daily lives. Also included in Maximum Effectiveness are great...