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Judee Regan

Meaningful Work... the Entrepreneurial Way: Your Integrated Guide to Career and Personal Life Management

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ISBN: 0968203736
Издательство: World of Work
Meaningful Work the Entrepreneurial Way your integrated guide to career and personal life management a guide to encourage and empower people to become leaders on their own behalf. Taking responsibility for joy, meaning and balance in one?s work-life is a very personal choice. This book helps people make that choice. Living is a life-long process and working is a daily activity that will engage us for at least one half of our lifetime. As an agricultural society, life was far less complicated and frenetic than it is today - living and working were more balanced. Today, how work gets done does not naturally lend itself to a balanced, integrated Work-Life and this chaotic influence seems to be in place for the foreseeable future. We come ill prepared for what we experience in the workplace today. The ever-increasing incidence of stress, anxiety and depression present glaring proof. Regan believes that ?today we are living through circumstances that must,...