Обложка книги Mind of a Manager Soul of a Leader

Mind of a Manager Soul of a Leader

ISBN: 0471569348; 9780471569343;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 304

The best business managers and leaders often have an adversarial relationship with each other, yet they have one thing in common: the search for that elusive advantage that will propel them and their organizations to greater success. It explores the practical aspects of the schism between managers and leaders, suggesting ways to exploit this natural tension to gain positive results. Offering a wealth of insights drawn from over 15 years as a top management consultant, Craig Hickman shows the ways in which the strengths of these two distinct personality types complement each other. From the strategic analyzer and the strategy planner to the concrete thinker and the visionary to the nit-picker and the risk-taker--he shows how each individual perspective contributes to overall success. While specific chapters are grouped around five major organizational success factors, it is designed for rapid, random access depending on the reader's interests.

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Mind of a Manager Soul of a Leader