Обложка книги Not for Sale: Saving Your Soul and Your Sanity at Work

Not for Sale: Saving Your Soul and Your Sanity at Work

ISBN: 1893732134;
Издательство: Sorin Books

Chatting with neighbors, going to church, or even unfettered family time have become a quaint memory for many people in a corporate culture that expects more and more from its employees. In Not For Sale, J. Murray Elwood examines the odd transformation that has taken place--work has become "home" and home has become "work," especially for young professionals. Not For Sale shows todays slaves to the office, fax and cell phone how to preserve their humanity despite often inhumane demands, how to balance the responsibilities of the workday with the yearnings of the heart. Elwood helps troubled men and women combine their values with their employment to find an inner-peace that gives their job a certain spirituality, an unlikely union that has become essential to salvage personal relationships and individual sanity. Not everything comes down to the bottom line--yours or your companys. Not For Sale shows professionals how to find purpose beyond the mighty dollar. Not For Sale...