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Mark Hickson, Don W. Stacks, with Marilyn Padgett-Greely

Organizational Communication in the Personal Context: From Interview to Retirement

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ISBN: 0205197752
Издательство: Pearson Education
Given the changes taking place in the economy and the workplace during the last decade this book provides a much needed tool for people who are just starting their careers or who are seeking to change their career path. Unlike other books which focus on some abstract corporation, this book emphasizes the employee's needs and perspectives, shows how to navigate the real organization of today, and includes frank discussions of issues of downsizing, "rightsizing," professionalism, promotion, and the like.Covering the entire spectrum of organizational communication issues-from researching the company and assembling a resume to dealing with leadership roles and changes in corporate culture-this book provides practical, up-to-date advice on how to develop communication skills. Those seeking a job or career change.