Обложка книги Organize Your Office : Revised Routines for Managing Your Workspace

Organize Your Office : Revised Routines for Managing Your Workspace

ISBN: 0786883812;
Издательство: Hyperion

Ronni Eisenberg, who lectures and gives workshops on organization skills throughout the U.S., is also author of the popular but slightly more intimidating Organize Yourself!. Here she's brought a slew of practical tips for managing your workspace, from your briefcase to your bulletin board, from your e-mail inbox to those endless interruptions from coworkers. She covers the basics, including organizing your desktop and stemming the flood of junk mail (send a note to the Direct Marketing Association). Shealso hits upon modern organizational dilemmas, such as how to decide if you'd be better off with or without a PalmPilot. Some of the hundreds of handy tips she offers include: ways for making both in-person and telephone meetings quicker and more productive; methods for confronting procrastination and poor work habits; 10 rules to adhere to when filing; and 14 ways to make meetings run smoothly and accomplish what you want them to. Much of Eisenberg's advice...

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