Обложка книги Paycheck to Paycheck: Pre and Post Millennium Style

Paycheck to Paycheck: Pre and Post Millennium Style

ISBN: 0595130119;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

Paycheck to Paycheck is an inspiring tribute to the working class and a global kind of patriotic book which motivates and sends a supportive message straight to the heart of millions. Whether we envision our parents, their roots, blood, sweat and tears or our own pathways of labor to date, the reader feels connected. Living from paycheck to paycheck is a way of life for many people, some by choice, some by necessity. "Money makes the world go 'round." But the author astutely and poignantly points out that, "money isn't everything." In a world of continued economic flux, one thing remains almost certain. Paychecks will come and go. Everywhere the author goes, we seem to travel there too, momentarily. "Whether in a home or on the streets of Indiana, from the beauty shops to the corner candy store." citizens talk while the author and reader listens. Paycheck to Paycheck , truly a spirited voice for the past, present and centuries to come.