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Donna Fisher

People Power: 12 Power Principles to Enrich Your Business, Career & Personal Networks

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ISBN: 1885167113
Издательство: Bard Press (TX)
What makes us successful at work? Our technical skills? Our professional knowledge? Most of us know it is people and the nature of our relationships with them that make for influential and quality connections connections that give us an inside trackto making the big deal or landing the right job. And its our circle of friends that makes up our personal network which provides long-lasting fellowship and support. In her new book, Donna Fisher offers fresh insights and practical advice about: How true networking is a natural process of give and take benefiting everyone The 12 stepping stones that serve as guiding principles for networking success How to make networking a way of life so you know how to give and receive valuable information and support for personal and professional growth How to turn personal and professional interactions into opportunities for building mutual support for a lifetime.