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Bob Nelson

Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You, Do What Needs to Be Done : Every Employee's Guide to Making Work More Rewarding

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ISBN: 0786867299
Издательство: Hyperion
Release the Power and Potential of Every Employee. Have you ever wanted a book you could share with everyone who works for you -- a book that gives employees the tools they need to make their work more rewarding and help the organization become more successful? Here, at last, is such a book -- from Bob Nelson, the million-copy bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees . What's more, this book is essential for anyone who wants to get ahead and applies equally to managers and employees. Bob Nelson maps out a specific and easy-to-follow strategy for fulfilling what he calls "The Ultimate Expectation" at every workplace: that people will use their best judgment to figure out what needs to be done and then do it without having to be told. His advice is surprising and novel. For example, some of the ways he suggests to excel at work include. --Make Your Job More Difficult --Develop a Reputation as the Office Cheapskate --Shoot Holes in...