Обложка книги Power Thinking for Success

Power Thinking for Success


ISBN: 1571290192;
Издательство: Brookline Books

Power Thinking for Success presents a comprehensive array of thinking skills that simultaneously engages three mental processes -reasoning, intuition, and self-knowledge- to build greatly increased effectiveness into everything from small, daily decisions to large, life-shaping actions. Thinking should not be a mysterious condition. As the authors explain, it should be a process which enables us to reach sound decisions expeditiously. You can be taught to think better, just as you can gain prowess inpublic speaking, typing, mathematics, or hitting a golf ball. To become more proficient in these or any other endeavor requiring skill, you must know the requisites for doing the task well and must practice until you master it. Mangieri and Block notonly demonstrate that thinking is a skill that can be taught, but also that most people can learn to think more effectively. Over several decades, they have achieved remarkable results teaching thinking development to business leaders,...

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