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Danny Cox, John Hoover

Seize the Day: 7 Steps to Achieving the Extraordinary in an Ordinary World

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ISBN: 1564146073
Издательство: Career Press
This is essential reading for anyone who seeks to make high performance a regular, daily expectation in his or her life. Tapping your reservoir of personal potential has never been explained more clearly. Creating the circumstances for achieving the extraordinary is a daunting and overwhelming prospect to most of us-whether pursuing professional success or high performance in personal goals. Achieving the extraordinary is a given to Danny Cox, who takes his cues from some of history's greatest achievers,such as George Bernard Shaw and Thomas Edison. He shares his wisdom and success stories, showing us the path to high performance in seven achievable steps. "The quest for high performance," notes Danny, "is an ongoing journey, a pursuit that is the source of tremendous pleasure and gratification. It's the feeling an athlete experiences in victory, the sensation an actor feels during a standing ovation..."