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Marc Lewis

Sin to Win: Seven Deadly Steps to Success

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ISBN: 1841123110
Издательство: Capstone
"Marc Lewis could be the next Charles Saatchi." Lord Bell. "Read this book. It will change your life." Rene Carayol, author of Corporate Voodoo. Perceptions of 'winning' or becoming successful vary from person to person - whether it's obtaining vast sums of money, driving a fast car, increasing the performance and profits of your business, having an incredible social life or owning a Versace suit. By avoiding to commit the Seven Deadly Sins you are holding yourself back from reaching your full potential. Break them. Live by them daily and only then can you realise your personal goals, whatever they may be. Pride Placed firmly at the number one slot on the list of Deadly Sins. If you ARE the best, then take pride in saying you are. If you AREN'T the best, then take pride in saying you are. Envy One of the strongest self-motivational tools in the box. No one remembers a runner-up. Champions are etched in our memory and saluted for their...