Обложка книги Smooth in Meetings

Smooth in Meetings

ISBN: 0967224411;
Издательство: SJE Publishing

A management shake-up blindsides Ward Wittman, a highly political divsional CEO at a high-tech company. Now, Ward has to prove his loyalty and effectiveness to a tough new boss, as corporate adversaries snipe at him and a fading product-line threatens his record of growing quarterly profits. Compounding this stress is Ward's bittersweet personal life, which features a gifted daughter and troubled son in an elite school and an ambitious wife who is lifting the family to social prominence. Feeling entitled, Ward risks a brief office liaison, expecting a sexy haven, free from the demands of his family and the pressures of his career. In telling this story, Ward limns his strategy for corporate and personal survival. For Ward, the indispensable skill is to be smooth in meetings.

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