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Caitlin Williams

Successful Woman's Guide to Working Smart: Ten Strengths That Matter Most

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ISBN: 0891061568
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
Find a niche for yourself, make the most of every situation, add value, and be ready for just about anything. These are the rules for women in the new workplace. While the glass ceiling may have cracked, women continue to face formidable challenges in shaping work and personal lives that truly work for them. With scores of interviews and a thorough review of the best practices of successful working women and leading organizations, SUCCESSFUL WOMAN'S GUIDE TO WORKING SMART brings to life the strategies and tools women need to overcome the obstacles and capitalize on the opportunities of today's world of work. For more than 10 years, author Caitlin Williams has researched the factors that help women succeed at work. Now she brings fresh thinking to thenew ways women can demonstrate their skills, contribute their talent, and take their place at the table where the work gets shaped, strategies get created, and decisions get made. From confidence and self-reliance to creativity and...