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Scott Adams

The Joy of Work: Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of Your Co-Workers

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ISBN: 0887308953
Издательство: HarperBusiness
?I cried because I did not have an office with a door, until I met a man who had no cubicle.? Dilbert A message from Scott Adams: I think the next wave of office design will focus on eliminating the only remaining obstacle to office productivity: your happiness. Happiness isn?t a physical thing, like walls and doors. But it?s closely related. Managers know that if they can eliminate all traces of happiness, the employees won?t be so picky about their physical surroundings. Once you?re hopelessly unhappy, you won?t bother to complain if your boss rolls you up in a tight ball and crams you into a cardboard box. As soon as I noticed this disturbing threat to workplace happiness, I did some investigative work and discovered it wasn?t confined to the issue of office design. Companies were making a direct frontal assault on employee happiness in every possible way! I knew there was only one thing that could stop the...