Обложка книги The Management Secrets of T. John Dick

The Management Secrets of T. John Dick

ISBN: 0970874693;
Издательство: Mainland Press

This hilarious satire of corporate life goes inside the head of marketing executive T. John Dick, whose uniquely incompetent and exasperating management style leads him into a series of embarrassing and occasionally fatal mishaps at SuperPumps, Inc. Why do his colleagues continually flout his painstakingly drafted Meeting Room Reservation Procedure? Should he have had that plate of shrimp before an important presentation? And, most important, why does his arch-rival seem to be winning the race for the company's top job, despite T.J.'s obviously superior qualifications? Through it all, T.J. never loses sight of his own unique abilities, invisible to all but himself. Laugh-out-loud funny, the story follows T.J. as he finds increasingly elaborate and ridiculous ways to make a fool of himself, believing all the while he is painting a heroic self-portrait. The climax is reached in a bizarre round of golf with the company president that culminates in a fire in the hero's pants.