Обложка книги The New Job Security

The New Job Security

ISBN: 1580083978;
Издательство: Ten Speed Press

Fifty years ago, workers strove to move steadily up the ranks of one or two stable companies. Today's workers jump from company to company, building contacts, expanding skill sets, and negotiating salaries at each one. Job security has taken on a new meaning, referring to security you plan and create with your career management skills, rather than security with a single company. In THE NEW JOB SECURITY, executive career management consultant Pam Lassiter teaches early- to mid-career professionals how to navigate this new work environment by mastering five key strategies: taking control, marketing for mutual benefit, not looking for jobs, networking as the norm, and negotiating in round rooms. If you're looking for ways to take control of a current job, or struggling to manage the transitional period between jobs, Lassiter's proven advice shows workers at all stages of their careers how to stay competitive and achieve their professional goals.