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Don Aslett, John Caldwell

The Office Clutter Cure: How to Get Out from Under It All!

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ISBN: 0937750085
Издательство: Betterway Books
The Office Clutter Cure If you're surrounded by piles and stacks of paper, haven't seen the top of your desk in years, or you're afraid to even look into your file cabinets, this is the book for you! It takes a hard (but hilarious) look at the state of our offices and cubicles, and serves up at least two dozen convincing reasons to clear all that clutter out (vividly details all the obvious and hidden ways office clutter is hurting us.) Then it outlines the cure, including how to deal with those big bad backlogs of paper, how to reclaim your desk, how to make better use of briefcases, how to halt the flow of clutter into your office. 192 pages; 186 illustrations.