Обложка книги The Peon Book: How to Manage Us

The Peon Book: How to Manage Us


ISBN: 1576752852; 9781576752852;
Издательство: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Funny, irreverent, and fast-paced, The Peon Book is a breath of fresh air and a strong dose of reality that managers may or may not want to swallow. It promotes the crucial viewpoint that is often overlooked by business books: that of the average worker,here called "the Peon." According to Dave Haynes, Peons are the ones affected when a manager decides to manage-in-a-minute, win friends and influence people, or move somebody's cheese - so they are the ones who know what works and what doesn't. He gives down-to-earth advice that every boss can benefit from. Chapters include "Get Trustworthy," "Get Personal," "Treat People Like They Are People," "Get in the Trenches," "Get Organized," and "Get Going." Packed with real-life examples that show the effects of management decisions on employees, the book also offers Peon-certified tools that managers can use to get more from their staff - and create a happy workplace in the process.

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