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James DeRossitt

The Rules of Ruthlessness: Getting Ahead in Business When Being Good Isn't Good Enough

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ISBN: 0595288901
Издательство: iUniverse
The Rules of Ruthlessness is book that confronts the problem of white-collar alienation head-on. Success is a choice, writes author James DeRossitt: we can either be ruthless and unapologetic in our pursuit of wealth and prestige or we can be lazyand complacent, the sort of uninspired drones who take orders, watch the clock and seek consolation from the TV set. The choice is clear. For those who reject the path of safe mediocrity, and instead choose the life of the ruthless A?power player," DeRossitt offers one hundred rules of ruthless success in the high-stakes, hardball world of business. The rules are straightforward and can benefit anyone who desires more respect, wealth and autonomy in life. The message of this book is a humane one. To succeed in life is to admit what you want and seek it unapologeticallyA?and in doing so, you find your best chance at happiness.