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Tasos Sioukas

The Solution Path : A Step-By-Step Guide to Turning Your Workplace Problems Into Opportunities

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ISBN: 0787962759, 9780787962753
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Problem solving is one of the most valuable skills for managers, supervisors, and executives. In The Solution Path , Tasos Sioukas combines practical techniques and tools with spirituality, life skills, and an emphasis on relationships and teams. He presents proven methods that enable readers to take action and create solutions. Unlike other books on the subject that leave readers thirsty for inspiration, Sioukas inspires readers to capitalize on positive thinking and their own creative abilities. He assists readers to understand themselves and others so that they can build effective problem-solving teams and enables them to use facilitation, a set of techniques that help team members maximize their time together. The Solution Path supports readers in taking action on a specific challenge. It provides a step-by-step path to solutions, which begins by visualizing ideal outcomes and using creativity exercises to generate as many ideas as possible, continues with...