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Caela Farren, Caela Farren

Who's Running Your Career?: Creating Stable Work in Unstable Times

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ISBN: 1885167164
Издательство: Bard Press (TX)
Do you feel at the mercy of forces you dont understand? Todays job market is in constant upheaval. Advances and innovations created in one industry often impact other industries and professions in unexpected ways. Using the Web of Work concept to explainhow professionals, industries, organizations, and jobs evolve interactively, this breakthrough book teaches you to anticipate how the technological advances you read about every day will ultimately affect you and your work. Whether youre a new worker, in transition, or an experienced master of your profession, you will: Use the authors 40 Leading Career Indicators to assess your career resilience and the viability of the professions, industries, and organizations that interest you Develop a Capability Portfolio around your skills and competencies See why its smarter to be a specialist before becoming a generalist Learn the advantages of creating an entrepreneurial mindset even if you never leave your company Create a work...