Обложка книги Why Do We Have to Work?

Why Do We Have to Work?

ISBN: 1589394372;
Издательство: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing

Back in the hunting and gathering days, the answer to the question "Why do we have to work?" was straightforward: you hunted because you were hungry, skinned animals because you needed clothing, and built a shelter for protection. Today the answer is more complicated. "Work" nowadays involves carrying out highly specialized tasks that seem to have no direct link to providing for our survival--how and why did this happen? Part I of "Why Do We Have to Work?" aims to make sense of this confusing situation, and traces the common link between the workday of the prehistoric hunter and gatherer, the first millennium BC farmer, the AD first century pottery-maker, the nineteenth century assembly-line worker, and today's videogame programmer. Included in this overview is an explanation of why we use this odd thing called "money": why the complications of bartering inevitably lead communities with multiple goods & services to use some type of "medium-of-exchange" (be it beads or dollar...