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Mel Sandler, Muriel Gray

Winning at Work: Breaking Free of Personal Traps to Find Success in the New Workplace

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ISBN: 0891061290
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
The contemporary workplace is filled with traps but none more dangerous than those we set for ourselves. With compelling precision this book shows how even the most effective among us can undermine our careers by falling into our own private traps. The authors describe the symptoms and costs of various traps that prevent us from performing our best, such as the Taking It Personally Trap, the Tunnel Vision Trap, and the Showing All Your Cards Trap. Presenting telling examples drawn from their clinical and consulting experience with both management and employees, the authors show readers how to recognize the danger signs of each trap and offer practical methods for managing them. With a Personal Traps inventory designed to help you identify which of over two dozen traps you may be falling into, this book offers detailed descriptions of the traps, real-life examples of the traps at work, specific strategies and Trap-Breaker exercises, and professional guidance for en! suring your...