Обложка книги Work It Out: Clues for Solving People Problems at Work

Work It Out: Clues for Solving People Problems at Work


ISBN: 089106088X;
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing

Applying contemporary insights on personality type, WORK IT OUT presents the keys to understanding relationships at work and offers a new perspective on how to solve the disruptive frictions that arise between people in the workplace. Especially useful for managers responsible for helping individuals and groups work together--and who must deal with the fallout when they don't--this book provides "type keys," "type clues," cartoons, and stories to illustrate how to understand and effectively manage diverse personalities while capitalizing on the unique strengths of individual employees. Addressing all those who find themselves in conflict with co-workers, bosses, or employees, this book tackles personality conflict head on. Vivid examples show how classic workplace struggles arise from different ways of receiving information and responding to it: the war between the marketing and research groups, the ongoing battle between the visionary executive and a detail-oriented partner, and...

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