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Bob Wall

Working Relationships: The Simple Truth About Getting Along With Friends and Foes at Work

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ISBN: 0891061339
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
Being able to build effective relationships is at once the most important factor and the most frustrating challenge in creating success and satisfaction at work. Most people quit a job or are fired not because of their performance but because of interpersonal problems with their boss, co-workers, or team members. Addressing the tangled web of work relationships, this book illuminates the hidden causes of poor work relationships, shows how to break the silence and have a conversation that is "dying to happen," and shows how to build trust, expand influence, and keep things positive between people. The book also offers a step-by-step approach for diagnosing what the "real" problem is in a dysfunctional relationship, and provides a proven process and tools for raising difficult issues. With thirty engaging exercises, this book will help anyone who must interact with others at work develop positive strategies for getting things done together productively, collaboratively, and enjoyable.