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Nina Brown, Nina W. Brown

Working With the Self-Absorbed: How to Handle Narcissistic Personalities on the Job

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ISBN: 1572242922
Издательство: New Harbinger Publications
Sufferers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder may be bosses, fellow workers, or employees, but whatever their status, they can make working anything from a headache to a nightmare. Narcissists like to take credit for others? work, inflate their own accomplishments, and expect ? even demand ? an unlimited supply of favors from their colleagues. Nina Brown provides a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to coping with ? and overcoming ? such stresses without losing integrity or self-control. An expert on group interpersonal relationships, she offers realistic strategies for changing expectations, listening and responding constructively, learning not to take things personally, and deciding when it?s best to simply ignore especially outrageous behavior.