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Napoleon Hill

Succeed and Grow Rich through Persuasion: Revised Edition

Обложка книги Succeed and Grow Rich through Persuasion: Revised Edition

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ISBN: 0-451-17412-7
Издательство: Signet
Год издания: 1989
Страниц: 272
We are all salespeople. Some of us who have made careers of calling on customers and clients to sell a product or service are more overt, but everyone is selling something-an idea, a dream, or a point of view. The source of that thought is Wally Armbruster, an advertising man who reached the top of his profession and created campaigns that have become part of the American lexicon. Armbruster has received countless awards for his creativity and he holds many impressive titles, but his passion is salesmanship. In his book, Where Have All the Salesmen Gone? he writes: "Super-salesmanship, I think, belongs up there with the arts. It's surely a practical art. And maybe the very highest form of human endeavor." If you have nothing to sell, Armbruster says, you'd better check your pulse-you're probably dead.