Обложка книги The Complete Office Golf

The Complete Office Golf

ISBN: 0761115935;
Издательство: Workman Publishing Company
Страниц: 96

It's finally here: golf for the office! No more Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 angst. No more interminably dreary Februarys. No more staring out the window on the first warm days of Spring, aching to be somewhere else. Now, hours once wasted planning, managing, manufacturing, selling, marketing, lawyering, and accounting can be put to productive use in putting, driving, and chipping. From how to set up a course in the conference room to facing a stairwell hazard - over or down? - The Complete Office Golf shows how to make a job seem like something you wouldn't mind doing for a living. Profusely illustrated with instructional line art and photographs, Office Golf has it all: how to identify other obsessive, yet clandestine, golfers in the workplace (they refer to hallways as fairways and practice their Vardon grips on rulers); course design, including potted plants, water coolers, and other hazards; turf management; the short game - desk lobs, deciding whether to go under or...

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