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Billy Roberts

Working Memory: Improving Your Memory for the Workplace

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ISBN: 1902809068
Издательство: Allison & Busby LTD
Год издания: 1999
Страниц: 144
Since you have picked up this book it is likely that you are one of the many people who seek alternative explanations or suggestions for the many complex elements of life and the world around us or, at the very least, are open to views and opinions that will help you consider and debate fresh options which many be open to you today. If you are looking for an alternative, then this book is right for you. Not only are thousands of man-hours lost and degrees of business efficiency sacrificed to inefficient memory but when we seek to explain this problem we put it down to an inability to remember things when, in truth, it is a failure to learn. We all have a wonderful memory -- our brain is a machine of quality no man can build -- but few of us train ourselves to maintain its performance or improve upon it. If we leave home without a shopping-list or forget to iron a shirt, we can live with the consequences without great suffering; in business lives, however, we may prejudice our...